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David Craig: On why he wrote the book Semitruck Wrecks and his Podcast – After the Crash

For over 35 years, David Craig has been representing the victims of big truck wrecks and has learned a lot over those 35 years. He decided to write a book that would explain what is involved after a semi wreck and answers the questions: what should I do, how do I hire a lawyer and what should a lawyer be doing for me?

After he finished writing the book, David thought he could provide even more information. He decided to create a podcast called After the Crash that's designed for the same people the book was directed to. The podcast gives him the opportunity to share more detailed information.

For more information about the book visit: https://www.ckflaw.com/truck-accident-ebook/

For more information about the podcast: https://www.ckflaw.com/after-the-crash-podcast/

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