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Fishers, Indiana has been listed as one of the safest and best places to live in the United States. But serious car accidents and other types of injury accidents can occur in any community, no matter how safe. Our personal injury attorneys at Craig, Kelley & Faultless, LLC are dedicated to standing up for people who are struggling to recover from significant personal injuries.

Have you been seriously injured in a car crash or truck accident caused by another motorist? After any serious accident, it’s important to be informed of your legal rights and where you stand. You may be out of work because of your injuries and be feeling financial stress as the medical bills pile up. You may be entitled to claim compensation from the at-fault driver if you were injured by the carelessness or negligence of someone else.

You will need the help of an experienced Evansville injury lawyer in negotiating with the insurance company to have the best chance of obtaining a fair settlement.

At Craig, Kelley & Faultless, LLC, our goal is to help you secure a financial recovery to cover your medical debts, provide financial stability and help you rebuild your life. When you choose Craig, Kelley & Faultless, LLC to handle your injury claim, you will have a team of experienced legal professionals working on your behalf. Partners David W. Craig, William J. Kelley II, and Scott A. Faultless established the law firm in 1999 to serve the needs of injured people in Indiana. Our attorneys and staff are privileged to use our legal skills to help people in need. We’re gratified that so many people have placed their trust in us and we have worked hard to uphold their confidence. Read what former clients say about our legal representation, then call to find out how we may assist you.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me in Fishers, IN?

First of all, we can help you understand your legal rights and whether you have a valid personal injury claim. Many people who come to us are struggling with an injury but unsure of the steps to take or the value of their claim. We can review the details of how your injury occurred during a free case review and discuss whether a lawsuit is appropriate.

If your case is one that we handle, our Fishers injury lawyers will move promptly to investigate the accident and preserve evidence. Important evidence can be lost if it is not secured quickly.

Our legal team will determine all the parties that are potentially liable and identify the insurance policies available to pay compensation to you.

We will gather your medical records and determine the present and future cost of your medical care and your other expenses and losses related to the accident. We will submit a demand letter to the insurance companies seeking full compensation for your losses and attempt to negotiate a settlement.

Our willingness to go to trial and accomplishments in courtrooms across Indiana makes insurance companies more likely to agree to a fair settlement to avoid a trial. When insurers refuse to do what is right, our trial lawyers will be prepared to present your case to a Hamilton County jury.

The attorneys at Craig, Kelley & Faultless, LLC have the decades of experience, legal resources and determination to get you what you deserve from insurance companies, and we take pride in doing it.

Common Causes of Personal Injuries

Any type of serious injury accident caused by the carelessness, negligence or disregard for safety of others may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. A large portion of the clients we represent are people who have been seriously injured in auto accidents and large truck accidents in Fishers and the Indianapolis area.

For example, if you are injured by a distracted driver who is talking on a cell phone and caused an intersection accident, you may have a personal injury claim against the driver’s insurance.

Accidents involving commercial vehicles are complicated. They require the assistance of experienced attorneys who know the types of evidence to seek and are prepared to stand up to trucking companies and their insurers.

Fall injuries including head injuries and back injuries are another common cause of injury claims. If a hazardous condition on another’s property caused a serious injury, the injured individual may have a premises liability claim against the property owner or manager.

Serious injuries to a child while in day care, school or elsewhere outside the home also may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

An unprovoked dog bite is a common basis for a personal injury claim. Indiana ranks among the states with the highest homeowners’ insurance payments to victims of dog attacks in a recent year. The dog owner may be liable for injuries caused by a vicious dog.

Do I Have a Legal Right to Compensation?

The types of compensation that may be claimed depend on the details of the accident, the extent of your injuries and losses, and the insurance available to pay claims.

As a general rule, the types of compensation that you may seek after a personal injury accident include:

  • Compensation for doctor and hospitals bills, physical therapy, rehabilitation and medication and travel to doctor’s appointments
  • Compensation for future medical expenses incurred because of the injury
  • Lost income from missed work
  • Diminished future earning potential resulting from your injury
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Repair or replacement of your damaged vehicle.

Even if you were partly at fault, you still may have a right to claim compensation for your losses resulting from the accident. You may have a right to file an injury lawsuit in Indiana as long as you are less than 51 percent responsible for causing the accident.

An experienced Fishers injury attorney at Craig, Kelley & Faultless, LLC can review the details of your accident and discuss with you the types of compensation that you can seek through a personal injury claim.

About The City of Fishers, IN

Fishers is a suburb of Indianapolis and is one of the fastest growing cities in Indiana with a population of approximately 100,000 as of 2017. It was named the best place to live in the U.S. by Money magazine.

Nearby Law Enforcement

If you are in a car crash in Fishers, it is important to call the police and report the accident. The Fishers Police Department responds to vehicle accidents within the city limits of Fishers. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department works traffic accidents in unincorporated areas of the county. The Indiana State Police respond to car crashes and tractor trailer accidents on interstates such as Interstate 69 and I-465.

Fishers Police Department
4 Municipal Drive
Fishers, IN 46038
Phone: (317) 595-3300

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department
18100 Cumberland Road
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: (317) 773-1872

Indiana State Police
District 52 Commander
8620 E. 21st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Phone: (317) 899-8577

Hospitals Near Fisher, IN

If you are injured in a car accident or other type of serious accident in Fishers, you may be transported by ambulance to a local hospital that has an emergency room. They include:

Indiana University Health Saxony Hospital
13000 E. 136th St.
Fishers, IN 46037
Phone: (317) 678-2000

St. Vincent Fishers Hospital
13861 Olio Road
Fishers, IN 46037
Phone: (317) 415-9000

Courts Information

If your injuries were caused by the carelessness or negligence of others, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation from the individual or business that caused you harm. Personal injury lawsuits involving significant sums of money are typically heard in a state trial court such as Hamilton County Superior Court. Some lawsuits involving defective products such as unsafe prescription drugs and medical devices may be filed in federal court.

Superior Court No. 1 – Judge Michael A. Casati
1 Hamilton County Square
Suite 345
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-776-9655

Superior Court No. 2 – Judge Jonathan M. Brown
1 Hamilton County Square
Suite 384
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-776-9647

Superior Court No. 3 – Judge William J. Hughes
1 Hamilton County Square
Suite 311
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-776-9709

Superior Court No. 4 – Judge Richard J. Campbell
1 Hamilton County Square
Suite 292
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-776-9612

Superior Court No. 5 – Judge David K. Najjar
1 Hamilton County Square
Suite 297
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-776-8260

Superior Court No. 6 – Judge Gail Bardach
1 Hamilton County Square
Suite 215
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-770-4450

Circuit Court – Judge Paul A. Felix
1 Hamilton County Square
Suite 337
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-776-9635

U.S. District Court
Birch Bayh Federal Building
46 East Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317 229-3700

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