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Semi-Truck rolled over on street

Tractor trailers and semis are the biggest, heaviest vehicles on the road and are involved in a disproportionate number of fatal crashes. When a truck driver makes an error and an 18-wheeler traveling at high speed go out of control, the occupants of other vehicles involved usually suffer disastrous consequences. Large trucks represent about 4 percent of all vehicles involved in collisions in Indiana, but they represent 11 percent of vehicles involved in fatal collisions, according to the latest Indiana Traffic Safety Facts report.

Indiana Car Accidents With Trucks: Multiple Vehicle Accidents With Trucks

In 2014, 129 people died in Indiana in crashes involving large trucks, and most were people in other vehicles. In fact, 90 percent of the collisions involving a large truck involved multiple vehicles. Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are required to carry much higher amounts of liability insurance than other motorists because of the great potential big trucks have to cause harm in an accident. Truck drivers and trucking companies should be held accountable when their negligence or disregard for safety causes harm to others. Indiana law entitles a family that has lost a loved one in a truck accident caused by negligence to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages.

Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers

Our compassionate large truck accident attorneys at Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC understand that there is no legal remedy to address the anguish of losing a loved one. No amount of money will fill the loss. But no family should have to endure the added financial stress and unexpected expenses resulting from the loss of a loved one whose death was caused by the negligence of others. A successful wrongful death claim against a negligent truck driver and trucking company may provide your family money to cover unanticipated medical bills and funeral expenses and lead to a more secure financial future. A lawsuit also may have the effect of focusing attention on a problem and causing positive changes that prevent other families from experiencing similar heartache.

How Our Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Fatal Truck Wreck

The number of registered tractor-trailers and semis on the road today exceeds 10 million vehicles. The number of large trucks has doubled in just a few decades. More trucks mean more risk of serious or fatal accidents. Fatal wrecks involving large trucks have increased.

A fatal truck accident can occur at any time, but 80 percent of fatal large truck crashes occur on weekdays, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And most of those occur between the hours of 6 a.m. and 5:59 p.m.

Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC Truck Accident Lawyers

Our experienced Indianapolis truck wreck lawyers work with truck industry experts to investigate all the factors contributing to a fatal truck accident in Indiana. A thorough investigation and accident reconstruction by knowledgeable truck accident investigators may identify mechanical issues with the truck or defective equipment that the investigating law enforcement agency overlooked during its initial inquiry. Our investigation may uncover evidence of negligence on the part of the truck driver and trucking company and identify other potentially responsible parties such as a truck equipment manufacturer or a cargo shipper.

Handling at Truck Accident Case in Indiana

By reviewing the truck driver’s log books and cell phone records, we may determine that the driver was dangerously fatigued when the fatal accident occurred or was distracted by a phone conversation and likely inattentive in the seconds before a crash. By reviewing truck maintenance records, we may find that the trucking company had failed in its duty to maintain the truck in reasonably safe operating condition and allowed a dangerous vehicle to stay on the road. Potentially valuable evidence such as logbooks and maintenance records may be lost if a family allows too much time to pass after a truck accident before reaching out to a personal injury lawyer for help.

It’s imperative that you contact a lawyer at Craig, Kelley & Faultless, LLC immediately so we can start to work and take steps to preserve critical evidence before it disappears. Our law firm has the resources and the passion for justice to provide your family answers about what really happened.

When is a Truck Accident a Wrongful Death?

Indiana Law outlines what factors in a truck accident meet the legal definition of a wrongful death and what damages you are entitled to claim if you have lost a family member. These damages include medical and hospital bills, funeral and burial expenses, lost future income and loss of affection and companionship. If the loved one who died was a child, compensation may be awarded to cover the costs of medical bills for psychiatric counseling for the bereaved parent or surviving sibling as well.

You should understand if you have been in a fatal accident involving a large truck that the truck driver in Indiana, the trucking company and their insurance companies will all have lawyers advocating for their interests and working to minimize their financial liability. The attorney who you choose to represent your interests will be a determining factor in the outcome of the case. You need an experienced wrongful death lawyer who is not intimidated by insurance company tactics and will stand up for your family’s interests, too. We are highly skilled at negotiations with insurance companies and have the courtroom experience to take a case to trial if the at-fault parties are unwilling to make a full settlement.

If your loved one has been killed in a truck accident, we are here to help you, as we have helped thousands of clients. Our attorneys will review your accident and explain your legal options and whether we think we can assist you. Our truck wreck attorneys handle truck accident cases on a contingency fee basis. That means that you do not owe us any legal fee unless we obtain money for you through a negotiated settlement or a jury award.

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