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concrete truck rollover after accident

Truck crashes are all too common occurrences on the highways and roads in Indiana. Concrete trucks deliver mixes of cement, aggregate, and other additives to job sites and pour concrete from the mixer. These specialized trucks are particularly dangerous in collisions because of their heavy loads and large blind spots. The occupants of other vehicles involved in collisions with concrete mixer trucks typically sustain most of the injuries because of the size and weight of these trucks. If you or a loved one has been injured by a reckless concrete truck driver, you may be entitled to seek compensation.

At Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC, our concrete truck accident lawyers are experienced and effective advocates for accident victims. Our team includes two highly qualified attorneys who have earned board certification from the National Board of Trial Advocacy in commercial truck accident law, a distinction held by very few attorneys.

If we can prove that the truck driver or the owner of the concrete truck was negligent and therefore liable for your injuries, then you may be eligible to collect significant compensation from the truck’s insurer. A concrete truck injury claim may demand financial compensation to cover your medical expenses, the income you lost from missed work due to injury, and your pain and suffering. Start your claim today by scheduling a free consultation or calling (888) 937-3862 to discuss your legal options.

Common Types of Concrete Truck Accidents

Like all large truck operators, concrete truck drivers and their owners are required to observe all applicable traffic laws and take reasonable safety precautions to prevent accidents involving their heavy trucks. In Indiana, cement trucks can never exceed a maximum of 80,000 pounds when fully loaded with aggregate. There are exceptions for construction equipment used by the state or local governments.

Concrete mixer truck drivers need to have a commercial driver’s license and adequate training to operate their vehicles. Concrete mixer drivers and the owners of concrete trucks are required to carry higher amounts of liability insurance because of the serious harm that a concrete truck accident can cause.

The common types of concrete truck accidents include:

It’s best to avoid driving too close to any other vehicle, especially large trucks. Concrete trucks have larger blind spots than passenger vehicles, making it difficult for truck drivers to see other vehicles adjacent to them. You want to avoid lingering in blind spots or limiting your ability to change lanes. You may also be at risk if you tailgate the vehicle. Not only are you in the cement mixer’s blind spot, but you also may be more likely to be hit by bits of aggregate falling from the truck if the mixing drum is improperly closed. These rock particles can cause cracked windshields and other property damage, or even force you to crash.

If you are injured in a collision caused by a concrete truck in Indiana, it’s important to talk with a knowledgeable truck accident attorney.

Common Ways How Concrete Trucks Can Cause Accidents

  • Limited Time to Deliver a Load

Concrete drivers have only a limited amount of time to deliver a load of concrete before the material starts to harden. For that reason, truck drivers may be in a hurry and exceed the posted speed limit as they try to get from one construction site to another. A loaded concrete mixer truck requires a much longer distance to stop than a passenger vehicle. If a concrete truck driver is driving too fast, the truck driver may be unable to stop at an intersection if a traffic light changes unexpectedly. If the concrete truck barrels through a red light, that can lead to a serious head-on or side-impact collision.

  • Poorly trained drivers

Concrete mixers should be operated by experienced commercial drivers with appropriate licenses and training to handle these heavy trucks. Companies that hire unqualified drivers or fail to train their drivers may be liable for any injuries they cause.

  • Lesser Stability Due to High Center of Gravity

With an elevated mixing drum and weight distribution, concrete trucks have a high center of gravity and are less stable than many types of vehicles. These heavy trucks are prone to rollover accidents, especially if a driver is speeding and takes turns too quickly.

Some cash-strapped construction companies may put off vehicle maintenance. Doing so is dangerous because poorly maintained brakes or fluids can cause mechanical failure.

  • Equipment malfunction

If the truck itself or its components are poorly designed or fail, it may cause the driver to lose control and cause a collision.

Operating any motor vehicle while impaired poses a hazard to everyone on the road. An impaired driver puts you and your family in harm’s way.

It’s important to be aware anytime you’re on the road with a concrete truck to avoid crashes. That awareness can’t keep you safe from an irresponsible truck operator. If you or a loved one are hit by one, you can seek financial compensation from the liable party.

What to Do After an Accident with a Concrete Truck

When you are involved in a concrete truck accident, there are some immediate steps you should take. By taking these steps, if possible, you can improve your chances of a successful personal injury claim against the at-fault party.

Immediate Actions to Keep in Mind After an Accident with a Concrete Truck

Call the police and report the truck accident.

If anyone is seriously injured, request an ambulance. A police report documenting the collision is important evidence to have if you need to pursue an injury claim.

Exchange contact information with the truck driver.

Ask to see the driver’s insurance information and license and photograph them for your records.

Use your cell phone and take pictures of the accident scene before any vehicles are moved. Photograph the damage to your car and the cement truck. Make sure to include any branding or livery on the truck and any identifying numbers, including the license plate and Department of Transportation numbers.

Gather contact information from any witnesses.

If there are any bystanders who may be able to corroborate how the truck hurt you, take their contact information.

Avoid playing the blame game at the crash site.

Don’t argue with the truck driver or anyone else about who caused the crash or accept the blame yourself. The police will investigate the accident and write a report.

Get medical help.

Be sure to get a thorough checkup to look for any invisible injuries, like whiplash, which can take time to appear.

Contact a personal injury attorney.

The evidence you gathered will help your lawyer prove that the truck driver who hurt you should be held liable for your injuries and owes you damages.

Who Is at Fault?

At Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC, a concrete truck accident lawyer will investigate the circumstances of your crash. Our goal is to determine who may be at fault for the crash and, therefore, liable for your injuries. In the case of cement truck crashes, liability can be complicated. That’s why you need a qualified lawyer prepared to do the necessary research to prove your case.

Who can be At-fault Parties in a Cement Truck Accident?

  • The driver

If we find the truck driver violated any driving regulations, the driver and the company that employs the driver may be held liable.

  • The driver’s employer

Employers may be held liable for an employee’s negligence if the truck driver was on the clock at the time of the crash. The employer also may be held responsible if the company hired an unqualified driver or one with a documented history of recklessness, like alcohol abuse.

  • The truck’s mechanics or other maintenance workers

If there was a mechanical failure caused by poor maintenance, the truck’s owner, which may be different from the driver, could be held liable for their lax caretaking.

  • The truck’s or its component’s manufacturers

If there was a failure caused by faulty manufacturing, the company that made the parts or the truck may have liability.

If you’ve been injured in a concrete truck accident, you may be owed significant financial compensation. Our skilled attorneys will determine whether the concrete truck driver, the employer, the truck’s owner, or another at-fault party should pay for the costs associated with your concrete truck accident injury. These damages can include economic and non-economic costs, like your medical bills, the work you missed, and your pain and suffering.

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