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The Benefits of Hiring an Appellate Attorney

It is usually beneficial to have an experienced injury attorney to protect your rights. Whether you’ve lost your case in trial or your opponent has appealed the judge’s ruling, you should consider filing an appeal.

Listed below are five reasons to consider hiring an Indianapolis appellate attorney to handle your appeals case:

  • Most law firms that handle personal injury cases can handle your claim up the demand stage. It is in this stage that they gather your medical bills, medical records, lost wage documentation and other damage materials. Then, they usually make a written offer to settle.
  • Not all law firms are experienced in handling the claim if it does not settle at the demand stage. If your case does not settle, then a lawsuit must be filed. Not all lawyers are experienced litigators.
  • If your case does not settle during the litigation phase, then you will need to go to trial. Again, there are even fewer lawyers who are experienced trial lawyers who regularly go to trial.
  • Lastly, even if you win at trial, the insurance company could appeal the jury verdict. Not all lawyers are experienced in handling appeals.

Before making a decision it helps to meet with a law firm that can handle all aspects of your case and has an Indiana appellate attorney as part of the staff. Contact the law offices of Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC today for a free consultation.