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Daviess County, Indianapolis: Woman Dies in I-69 Crash involving Semi

According to a recent Indiana State Police Bulletin, the Indiana State Police were asked to investigate a fatal crash on February 8, 2021 at approximately 4:45 p.m. on I-69 at the 83-mile marker southbound in Daviess County.  According to Sergeant David Henderson, Allen C Weldy, 38, from Mitchell Indiana was operating a 2017 International semi-trailer truck heading from Bloomington to Crane.  It appears he missed his turned and instead of going to the next exit, he attempted a U-turn at a crossover near the 84-mile marker.  Weldy pulled into the crossover and stopped for a moment, leaving the trailer he was pulling completely blocking the passing lane and partially in the driving lane.

Susan S. Yoo, 53, of Indianapolis was traveling a short distance behind the semi-trailer truck.  According to the ISP bulletin, Mrs. Yoo tried to take evasive action to avoid the semi-trailer truck but was unable to do so. Mrs. Yoo’s 2017 Acura SUV collided with the trailer blocking the lane and then slid off the roadway and down and embankment and ultimately ended up in the ditch.  Tragically, Susan S. Yoo was pronounced dead at the scene.

Allen Weldy was taken to the Daviess County Jail and incarcerated after it was determined that he had Methamphetamines in his blood.

Both vehicles were towed from the scene.  The SUV was taken to Wagler’s Towing in Odon and the semi-trailer truck was taken to Ken’s Towing in Bloomington.

Dangerous Semi-trailer Truck Drivers Endanger All of Us

semi truck on a roadThe semi-truck driver involved in this accident appears to have violated the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as the Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Manual.  The trucking industry has good safety regulations in place, but with the intense pressure on drivers to get to their destination as quickly as possible, it is no surprise that many drivers do not follow the safety regulations that are in place. Truck drivers have strict deadlines when the load they are hauling needs to reach its destination.  Many drivers get fatigued and unfortunately some look to drugs to keep them awake.  Methamphetamine is one of the drugs that some drivers take to stay awake.   Methamphetamines are not only dangerous to the driver, but to others on the roads and interstates as well.  Meth makes people feel invincible, like they have boundless energy.  A trucker on meth tends to push his body and truck faster and farther than they are meant to go.

Involved in a Collision with a Semi-truck or Tractor-trailer?

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