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The truck driver who caused the accident was weaving lanes just before the crash. The police said the truck driver may have fallen asleep. Can the driver be held accountable?

Yes, fatigue is a common issue among truck drivers. Most commercial truck drivers must abide by limits on the number of hours they can drive each day and each week, if they operate a commercial motor vehicle such as a tractor trailer or cargo tanker. These limits are known as hours of service rules. Drivers who are pushing to meet unreasonable delivery deadlines frequently violate the limits. In some instances, trucking companies encourage the behavior by paying incentives to drivers based on when the delivery is made. A knowledgeable truck accident attorney will move quickly to obtain and review a driver’s logs and on-board recorder to determine whether the driver has taken required rest breaks and whether the driver was likely driving dangerously fatigued. A driver who knowingly violated the hours-of-service limits and caused an accident may have reckless disregard for safety and be held accountable.