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Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC is dedicated to protecting the citizens of Indiana against the power, oppression and unfair tactics used by many insurance companies, trucking companies and some large corporations that put profits ahead of safety and make sure you are treated fairly and receive the money you deserve. With offices in Indianapolis, Batesville, Connersville, North Vernon, and Richmond, our personal injury attorneys are able to effectively provide clients with exceptional legal service.

Every person in Indiana who is injured or who has had a loved one killed by someone else's negligence, carelessness or recklessness deserves justice. After a serious accident you or your family may be dealing with severe consequences, such as lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering or the loss of guidance and love and affection of a family member. Your wrongdoer should be held responsible and you and your family should be protected. The goal of every lawyer in our firm and every member of our outstanding staff is to protect you and your family, to make sure you get treated fairly and that you receive the money you deserve.

Protecting Against Dangerous Conditions

Not only is Craig, Kelley & Faultless dedicated to protecting you against insurance companies that pursue their huge profits by treating injury victims unfairly, but we are also committed to making our communities safer. We have and will continue to insist on safety changes as part of our settlements when appropriate. In addition, we spend our time and money fighting to protect children from head injuries and all of us from dangerous, distracted and drunk drivers. We serve you by giving back to the communities and by making them safer.

Helping injured people while making the community safer

If you have been injured or someone you love has been hurt or killed in an accident or due to negligence, your best first step is to contact an experienced Indianapolis injury lawyer.  Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC handles:

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When a serious injury or death occurs, whether due to a semi wreck, a car accident, an animal attack, a slip/trip and fall, or other serious accident, a family's life is suddenly and dramatically altered. We understand how important the outcome of your case is to you and everyone you love. That is why we commit ourselves to meeting with you personally and remaining accessible to you at all times.

Every law firm will promise you personalized service. But not all of them will deliver. The Indiana personal injury law firm of Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC live up to our pledge to be available to you 24 hours a day. With offices or meeting locations across the state and attorneys who share personal phone numbers with our clients, we are always here when you need us. If you have a problem or a question, we promise to help without delay.

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Don’t settle for less because an insurance company is trying to wear you down. We level the playing field and fight to get you fair compensation. Call us at 800-746-0226 or contact Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC online. We have several satellite offices and meeting locations. We serve clients and will gladly set up an appointment at a location convenient to you or in your home.